Skellefteå in the eye of the beholder

©Conny Lundström
©Conny Lundström
©Conny Lundström
©Conny Lundström
This is the home of the majestic Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) and when the stateliest of the birds spreads out its wings, she measures 220 cm between the tips of her wings and is one of the subarctic faunas most elegant hunters.

Extreme close-ups
In the rural village Kalvträsk you’ll find something beyond the ordinary. Because it will definitely count as unusual that ordinary people with photographic interest can photo one of the world's most powerful birds in their natural environment, and in such a short distance as down to four meters. That means extreme close-ups. And when all this takes place with magnificent view of a wild virgin forest, Vitbergen, it makes the impression even more intense.

Catch the dream picture

Obviously it is not easy to capture the dream photography, whether it is a golden eagle, a capercaillie or a red fox which makes the motif. But along with the award-winning wilderness photographer, Conny Lundstrom, and his custom-made hiding-outs, you have the conditions on your side. Conny share his knowledge and his experience is invaluable. He also has an almost personal contact with the big prey birds which makes the experience totally unique.

Sparkling white snow, a full moon and the inhabitants of the forest

In Vitbergen you also have the a chance of photographing the northern light, a magic full moon or something else unique for the subarctic winter nights.


The eagle season is winter season, extending from Ocober in autumn till April in spring. When the snow has covered the landscape it is possible to travel into the nature by cross-country skis or snowshoes.

Grab the unique opportunity to experience something very few have.

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