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For those who never tried winter swimming it feels a little strange that someone voluntarily wants to crawl into a hole in the ice where the water temperature is just above 0 degrees. But once you've gotten over the fear and dared to test the winter swimming it is great chance that you will continue with it. The energy boost that winter swimming gives is hard to describe in words as well as the awareness of your own body and the sense of connectedness with nature. If you are winter swimming in groups it arises also a strong sense of belonging to the others in the team who made ​​it.

Health benefits
There are also many documented health benefits that regular winter swimmers can testify. Winter swimming is an art and it comes to making it right to get the optimal experience. In a course that both contain a theory session and a real dip into the water led by experienced winter swimmers from the association Dark & Cold the beginners will have a wonderful experience.

The Association Dark & Cold gives the possibility to try winter swimming for 1-10 people during the period January - April. The activity takes about 2 hours and can take place att some different places. Possiblity to guided transfer from hotels, Skellefteå Airport or train station.

Activity duration: 2 hours.
Equipment: swimwear or swimsuit. Course provides bathrobe, towel and slippers. Possibility to lend swimwear/swimsuit.
Language: swedish, english, german, finnish.
Skill level required: none (just courage).

Entry fee 4 000 SEK for maximum 5 people, thereafter 595 SEK per person. For guaranteed departure, reservation should be made two weeks in advance.


Per person 595.00:- per person

Winter Swimming

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